Antifraud System

Twenty-Nine Com analizes all transits of traffic and filters out in real time fraudulent calls using automated anti-fraud system. This is supported by an expert 24/7 anti-fraud monitoring investigative team.


We detect and stop numerous types of voice fraud.


– Illegal short stopping

– Illegal use of number plans attributed by a regulator but unused by the operator

– Illegal use of number plans unattributed by regulators

– Wangiri / Ping Call / Call back spoofing

– PBX hacking / Lines hacking

– Roaming fraud (in conjunction with IRSF)

– Stretching Calls (FAS)

– Billing for incomplete calls (FAS)

– Calls to IVR (illegal short stopping linked)

– Billing of waiting time after dialing (false PDD billed)

– IRSF in all its different forms

– With a long experience in beating fraud relario works for tier 1 carriers and mobile operators around the world.