Tool Free Number

A Toll-free numbers is a great way to promote your company’s products and services, vastly improving your contact with potential Customers; to increase your company’s visibility on the market;achieve a new, efficient organization image; increase sales opportunities; create a direct channel with customers.


With a Toll-Free Number, all the costs of the call are borne by the company being called.


Calls can be made from either a national fixed network or a mobile one. In addition, they can be routed to any fixed network number or mobile telephone using the intelligent interwork, both nationally and internationally.


Furthermore, with its innovative internet interface, Twentyninecom provides call statistics according to the time/date and where calls are placed from. In addition to providing personalized call routing management, if there is an overflow, calls can be re-routed to several numbers on an automatic sequential routing basis.


The Remote Contact Center can be used to organize call management in a customized way, just like a real Call Center but without the need for a Call Center’s technical infrastructure.

  • 0800: calls to these numbers are free
  • 084x (0840, 0842, 0844, 0848): shared-cost service numbers: a uniform charge regardless of where in Switzerland the call is made from. Exceptions: an extra charge may apply when calls are made from a call box or from abroad.
  • 00800: international freephone numbers (free of charge).